Seminario Fan Xing

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dalle 11:00 alle 12:00


Blocco C, stanza 412

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Il giorno 21 giugno presso l'aula 412, Fan Xing (Department of Physics, University of Tokyo) terra' un seminario dal titolo:

The OVAL experiment: A new experiment to observe vacuum magnetic birefringence with high repetition pulsed magnets


Vacuum magnetic birefringence (VMB) is a sensitive probe for beyond the Standard Model physics as well as a new verification of QED at low energies. The OVAL experiment (Observing VAcuum with Laser) aims to observe VMB with high repetition pulsed magnets. Our dedicated made pulsed magnet system applies a magnetic field of 9.0 T over a length of 0.17 m with a repetition rate of 0.1 Hz. We combine the magnets with a Fabry-Pérot cavity with a finesse of more than 300,000. An overview of the VMB searching scheme, a description of the magnet system, detailed explanations of the OVAL apparatus, the first result of prototype measurement and a prospect of future OVAL experiment will be given in the seminar.