IV National Conference Diamond and Coloured Gems: Identification, Tracing and Ethic Aspects




The Department of Physics and Earth Sciences of the University of Ferrara, Italy, in collaboration with the University of Catania and with the sponsorships of various business operators  organize the:

IV  National Conference  Diamond and Coloured Gems: Identification, Tracing and Ethic Aspects


Since the first edition held in Catania, Sicily, in 2016, this Conference is aimed to explore  the role of italian scientific Gemology in the frame of  European panels promoting various aspects related to the gems study: mineralogy, crystallography, geochemistry, but also ethical aspects of exploitation, distribution and market.



The Conference will be held in the wonderful at Palazzo Tassoni Estense. The renaissance  Palace,  built  between  the  XIV and  XV  Century listed as part of a UNESCO site  is  now the headquarter the Department of Architecture and of many activities of the University of Ferrara  (http://architettura.unife.it/it/Campus/palazzo-tassoni-estense).



The main topics of the 2022 edition are: crystallographic applications of minerals for gems use, recent development of non-invasive and non-destructive techniques applied to material of gemological interest and the role of geochemistry/petrology in gemological research.

Ethical aspects related to mining, exploitation and market are important part of the programme



The program will include four oral sessions introduced by the keynote speakers:

Obone Sepato - Africa/Europe,  Anglo American (London , UK)

Martin P. Steinbach, GEMGENÈVE – GEMEXPO SA

Lutz Nasdala, University of Wien (Austria)

Peter Tollan, Gübelin Gem Lab, Lucerne (Switzerland)



And   a “short-oral” session to give the opportunity to PhD students, post-doc and, young researchers  to present their  research work.

Deadline 31 may 2022

SIMP and AIC offer to refund (up to 250 euro) young and promising researchers (PhD, post-doc) attending, in preence,  the Conference and presenting a short-oral contribution.

The request should send to Costanza Bonadiman (bdc@unife.it) and Annalisa Martucci (mrs@unife.it),  by 8 June 2022 with subject: IV Conference Gems-grant request-  and accompanied by a brief description of own research (max 200 words) and  PDF version of a CV (Europass form- max 1 page, A4).



To whom it is addressed:

The Conference is addressed to PhD students, fellows and young researchers in the fields of gemology, mineralogy and geochemistry as well as to business operators for a fruitful scientific and cultural exchange.

The Conference will be in presence and online in agreement  with the Italian  compliance with national and local legislation on health claims to prevent and contain the spread of COVID19.


As for the previous edition, L’ Accademia Pugliese Delle Scienze will promote a video – contest national completion: “Gemology in 3 minutes ”.  The 2022-theme is: Beryl in 3 minutes


Scientific Committeee:

Giovanna Agrosì, Università di Bari; Germana Barone, Università di Catania; Costanza Bonadiman, Università di Ferrara; Diego Gatta, Università degli Studi di Milano; Annalisa Martucci, Università di Ferrara; Cristina Caggiani, Università di Catania; Fabrizio Nestola, Università di Padova; Loredana Prosperi, Istituto Gemmologico Italiano; Eugenio Scandale, Accademia Pugliese delle Scienze; Gioacchino Tempesta, Università di Bari


Organizing Committee:

Costanza Bonadiman -Università di Ferrara; Annalisa Martucci -Università di Ferrara; Nicola Precisvalle -Università di Ferrara



Organizational secretariat:

CONSORZIO FUTURO IN RICERCA Ufficio Convegni e Attività Formative ( Ferrara)

Tel. 0532 762404 – convegni@unife.it – www.cieffeerre.it

Programme information:

Annalisa Martucci mrs@unife.it

Costanza Bonadiman bdc@unife.it