Seminario D.Kuźma

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dalle 14:30 alle 15:30


Stanza 100, Blocco C

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Il giorno 12 dicembre alle ore 14,30 presso l'aula 412 Mgr Inż. Dominika Kuźma (Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Cracow (Poland) (within the joint PhD Programme Cracow-Ferrara)) terra' un seminario dal titolo

  • Spin wave dynamics at the edge of configurational Ferro to AntiFerro transitions in macrospin chains



We investigate the configurational antiferro- to ferro- magnetic (AF-F) transitions, triggered by an applied field,
in macrospin chains from a dynamical perspective.
By means of the dynamical matrix approach, we calculate the spin wave frequency and profile across these
transitions, and show the occurrence of soft modes and their role in the transition.
We show how the soft mode dispersion relation changes at the edge of the transition.
We discuss the possibility of occurrence of the opposite (F-AF) transition in either simulated or experimental
investigations, and introduce a defected system to attain that task