Seminario L. Bandiera

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dalle 16:00 alle 17:00


aula 412

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Per il ciclo "Physics Colloquia" il giorno 21 novembre alle ore 16 presso l'aula 412, Laura Bandiera (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare) terra' un seminario dal titolo The Strong Crystalline Field: or how to play with particle beams using tiny crystals!


Exploring the interaction between particles and crystalline structures offers intriguing insights at the intersection of particle and solid state physics, with significant applications.
Crystals present a distinctively simple environment for the investigation of strong electromagnetic fields.
When energetic particles interact with crystals near their major crystallographic directions, the crystal lattice's coherence can induce extremely strong electric fields in the particle's rest frame, potentially surpassing the so-called Schwinger field or quantum critical field. This Strong Crystalline Field yields a host of applications for particle accelerators, ranging from generating intense radiation sources and steering particle beams.
These applications extend across a broad spectrum of fields, including particle physics at major facilities like the CERN and Fermilab, as well as material science and nuclear medicine.
Moreover, Strong Crystalline Fields are integral to the advancement of innovative ultra-compact detectors, specifically tailored for the precise detection of high-energy gamma rays. These new detectors find application in accelerator and satellite experiments, mainly for research into physics Beyond the Standard Model and the indirect detection of Dark Matter.