Seminario L. Serafini

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dalle 11:00 alle 12:00


Stanza 412, Blocco C

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Il giorno 19 aprile alle ore 11 presso la stanza 412, Luca Serafini (INFN Milano) terra' un seminario dal titolo

Photon-photon and hadron-photon colliders based on Compton Sources and FELs for fundamental research


Free Electron Lasers and Compton Sources based on Inverse Compton Scattering (I.C.S.) are nowadays the most advanced generators of high brilliance photon beams in the keV and MeV, respectively, photon energy ranges. Although developed during the last 2 decades mainly for enabling applied research in several domains, spanning from biological, medical, cultural heritage, to matter science and nuclear photonics, these X/ g photon machines may become the basic and crucial components of more complex systems for new discoveries in fundamental areas of high energy particle physics. We will illustrate various scenarios of combining secondary and tertiary beams of photons, hadrons and muons, based on highly asymmetric boosted colliders, aiming at enabling experiments on never observed phenomena like eleastic photon scattering (light interacting with itself, "a’ la lightsaber, the Jedi’s sword") and matter creation from light.