Seminario M. Cirelli

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dalle 11:00 alle 12:00


Stanza 300, Blocco C

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Il giorno 2 maggio alle ore 11,00 presso la stanza 300  Marco Cirelli (Laboratoire de Physique The'orique et Hautes Energies (LPTHE), CNRS & Sorbonne Universite') terra' un seminario dal titolo

Dark Matter indirect detection: status as of spring 2018


Dark Matter constitutes more that 80% of the total amount of matter in the Universe, yet almost nothing is known about its nature. A powerful investigation technique is that of searching for the products of annihilations of Dark Matter particles in the galactic halo, on top of the ordinary cosmic rays. Recent data from satellite, balloon and ground based experiments have reported unexpected excesses in the measured fluxes of charged cosmic rays and of gamma rays, which have been interpreted as a possible first direct evidence for Dark Matter. However, confirmations are not easy. Which DM models and candidates can explain the anomalies and what do they imply for future searches? What are the constraints from other measurements and from cosmology? And what is in store for the near future in this field?