Seminario N. Lund

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dalle 15:00 alle 16:00

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Il giorno 24 ottobre alle ore 15,00 nella stanza 412, Niels Lund (DTU Space (Denmark)) terra' un seminario dal titolo

The Cosmic Origin of Silver and Gold


Both Silver and Gold are primarily produced via the rapid neutron capture process. For many years this
process has been associated with supernova explosions, because only there the necessary conditions in terms of
temperature, matter density and neutron fluences could be realized, it was felt. In more recent times also the
partial disruption of close, binary neutron stars during their coalescence to a black hole, has been considered
as a possible formation site for the heaviest r-process elements. The arguments for (and against) models with
multiple formation routes for the observed Solar system r-process abundancies will be discussed.