Seminario S. Fabiani

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dalle 10:00 alle 11:00


Stanza 412, Blocco C

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Il giorno 14 dicembre alle ore 11 presso l'aula 412, Sergio Fabiani (INAF - IAPS (Roma)) terra' un seminario dal titolo

The Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE): a break-through in High Energy Astrophysics


The Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) has been selected by NASA as the next SMEX (Small Explorer)
mission to be flown in 2021. It will perform imaging polarimetry resolved in energy and time. IXPE is a break-through in High Energy Astrophysics promising to ’re-open’, after 40 years, the window in X-ray astronomy to measure directly the geometrical parameters of many different classes of sources eventually breaking possible degeneracies in theoretical models. It will be capable of producing the first X-ray polarization maps of extended astrophysical sources such as Pulsar Wind Nebulae and Super-Nova Remnants. Additionally, it will probe vacuum birefringence effects in systems with magnetic fields far larger than those reachable with experiments on Earth. The payload of IXPE comprises three identical telescopes with mirrors provided by MSFC/NASA. The focal plane is provided by ASI with IAPS/INAF responsible for the overall instrument that includes detector units that are provided by INFN. ASI also provides, in kind, the Malindi Ground Station. LASP is responsible for the Mission Operation Center while the Science Operation Center is at MSFC. The operation phase will last for at least two years.