Seminario V. Nagaslaev

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dalle 11:00 alle 12:00


Stanza 412

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Il giorno 13 giugno alle ore 11 presso l'aula 412, Vladimir Nagaslaev (FNAL - Mu2e collaboration) terra' un seminario dal titolo

Beam Delivery for the Mu2e Experiment and the use of crystal channeling at Fermilab


The Mu2e experiment is at the stage of assembly and preparations for the commissioning and taking data at Fermilab. In this presentation we will focus on the beam delivery for the Mu2e proton target. One of the main challenges of the beam delivery is the beam losses and radiation levels in the public areas. We will discuss the effort to mitigate the beam losses with the use of crystal collimation (shadowing) and a preliminary analysis of its effectiveness.