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PRIN 2017



Micro to Macro - How to unravel the nature of the Large Magmatic Events


Brief description of the research proposal

This project aims at advancing our understanding of Large Magmatic Events (LME) that represent exceptional occurrences in Earth history. They are characterized by very rapid eruption and intrusion of enormous amounts of basic and silicic magmas related to large mantle and crust melting and/or magma storage dynamics. LME usually predate supercontinent break-up and often trigger mass extinctions.
Despite the incredible high hazard of these events, less is known on their a) mantle melting conditions, b) magma emplacement within the crust, c) magma plumbing system development and rapid tapping
and d) the origin and amount of volatiles involved.
Micro-scale approaches by in situ petrological, geochemical, isotopic and volatile (H,C,F,Cl,S,noble gases) analyses on rocks, minerals and their inclusions, and age determinations, closely linked with field survey, will be used to shed light on the above mentioned topics and on the Macro-scale nature of LME. These studies will be performed on LME-linked
intrusives, volcanics and their mantle/crustal sources, with particular focus on equilibrium/ disequilibrium relationships.
The project involves the most renowned Italian groups that have been working together for decades and gathers the most technologically advanced analytical instruments.