The department has a well-equipped sedimentological laboratory, with a settling tube linked to a Sedigraph for grain size analysis. It maintains two pneumatic vessels for coastal research and a variety of surveying tools, including:


- Self Recording Electromagnetic Current Meter (VALEPORT Model 802)

- Tide Gauge (STS pressure transducer)

- Acoustic Doppler Profiler (Trimaran Ocean Science)

- Benthic Lander (RUNTI)

- Recording Current Meter (RCM 9 Mk II Aandreaa Instruments)

- Optical Backscatter Sensor (OBS-3 Sensor D & A Instrument Company)

- Acoustic Doppler Currentmeter Profiler (ADCP)

- Single Beam Echo Sounder (SonarMite)

- RTK-GPS (R6 Trimble)

- Directional Wave Gauge (S4ADW InterOcean System)

- Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone DJI Phantom Visual 3+)

- Fluorescent Tracers

- RFID Tracers

- Cameras (Video-Monitoring)

- Marine drone (Codevintec CK-14)

- Laser Scanner (Leica P30)