Seminario F. Mantovani

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dalle 16:00 alle 17:00


aula 412

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Per il ciclo "Colloqui di Dipartimento" il giorno 16 Aprile alle ore 16 presso l'aula 412 , il Prof. Famio Mantovani (Department of Physics & Earth Science, Ferrara University) terra' un seminario dal titolo

Geoneutrinos and geoscience: an intriguing joint-venture


Geoneutrinos, the electron antineutrinos originating from the decay chains of uranium and thorium within the Earth's crust and mantle, offer a unique insight into the internal dynamics and composition of our planet.
These elusive particles carry crucial information about the geochemical processes occurring deep within the Earth, thus addressing pivotal questions related to Earth's heat production and its geological evolution. To date, significant experimental efforts, such as the KamLAND experiment in Japan and the Borexino experiment in Italy, have successfully detected geoneutrinos, shedding light on the Earth's internal mechanisms and the distribution of heat-producing elements. These endeavors have paved the way for future investigations, with the upcoming JUNO experiment in China and the SNO+ experiment in Canada poised to significantly enhance our understanding of geoneutrinos. The JUNO experiment, in particular, with its unprecedented sensitivity, promises to refine our knowledge of the radiogenic contribution to the Earth's heat production, offering new insights into the Earth's formation and its thermal evolution.
This seminar will explore the intersection of geoscience and particle physics through the lens of geoneutrino research, highlighting the achievements thus far and the exciting potential of future experiments to further unravel the mysteries of our planet.